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Our diverse portfolio of high-profile projects spans more than 140 years, a legacy of design excellence.


Project team / Architect

mgs architects

To us, brilliance lies in the power of combinations others often fail to reconcile. In our world, the competing demands of living well yet sustainably are coupled with the desire for individual expression, the need for community and a longing to be delighted and intrigued. MGS can rightfully claim to be the practice that embraces this tension, finding opportunity in the dichotomies others dismiss.

Combining architectural best practice with complementary thinking about our social milieu, MGS reframes the tensions in the brief as opportunities. Our clients benefit from optimistic approaches to real world solutions that are commercially successful, resilient and enabling.

We offer an expanded idea of architecture and design, drawing on our strengths in advocacy, artistry, business acumen, research, policy development and community engagement. Our work is guided by insight into the community we service and is allied to a deep sense of commerciality.

We are driven by an educated curiosity and a desire to do work that contributes to our clients’ prosperity and the development of the inclusive city. MGS exists to create quietly brilliant places — places with longevity and adaptability that deliver daily value to the people who use them.

Project team / Interiors

woods bagot

Woods Bagot is a global architecture and consulting firm, with a team of over 850 people working across Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. The firm's unique ‘Global Studio’ philosophy drives unprecedented knowledge sharing and true collaboration across time zones, producing innovative, inspired and functional design solutions.

Specialising in Aviation and Transport, Lifestyle, Workplace,Education, Science and Health and Sport, our diverse portfolio of high-profile projects spans more than 140 years, a legacy of design excellence.

Project team / Landscape Design

Jack Merlo

Jack Merlo Design is a landscape design and construction company widely celebrated for both creative ingenuity and quality of work. Jack Merlo’s designs are developed around his client’s lifestyle requirements while complimenting the surrounding architecture.

Jack Merlo Design has forged a reputation for design excellence combined with quality implementation on a wide range of both contemporary and traditional projects ranging from inner city penthouse apartments to country estates.

Project team / Selling Agent

Marshall White

Mr Marshall White opened his first office in Glenferrie Road Malvern over 45 years ago. A legend within the real estate industry, Marshall instilled a philosophy within the company that, above all, values honesty, integrity, experience and the desire to put in the time. We continually strive to

capitalise on the blending of youthful enthusiasm and mature experience to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptional level of service that is envied by others in the real estate industry.